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Stendhal Festival 2019

Stendhal Festival 2019 took place recently so i went along with Local Women Magazine to get a sense of the atmosphere. Everyone there was in great form. There was a great family feel to this festival.

Stendhal Festival was originally formed in 2008 by Ross Parkhill & John Cartwright, to showcase local music across 3 days in Limavady. The festival reformed as Stendhal Festival of Art in 2011 by the founders Ross Parkhill, John Cartwright and Colm O’Donnell, as a platform for local artists to perform alongside acts such as Turin Brakes at Ballymully Cottage Farm in Limavady. The festival was named after Stendhal Syndrome.

A little about me. I’ve spent years helping people to find the perfect sole. In my shoe shop in the heart of Derry and now through my passion for photography
I get to photograph people with their soulmates! My daughter Bronagh and parents have always been and always will be a big part of my life. We have shared so many moments and enjoy looking at older photos and laughing together. Moments and the moments between moments during a wedding or a portrait session hold so much emotion. I love to capture images in a fun, natural and classic way. I’ve been passionate about photography for years, from the darkroom to my digital camera today, and storytelling is at the heart of what I do. I’m Gerard and I look forward to telling your story.

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