Wedding Grainne & Gareth


Derry Wedding in June 2019 saw Grainne & Gareth get married. They were wed at St Eugenes’s Cathedral in Derry. We then went for some photos at Brooke Park which is very close to the Cathedral. On what was a beautiful, warm day, we got some fabulous images. The couple then travelled to the Clanree Hotel in Letterkenny for their reception. What you are seeing here is only a very small snippet of what was taken over the day. I want to congratulate them both and wish them well for the future. At Gerard Gormley Photography, I strive to capture those photos that will last forever.We all love a Derry Wedding.

I was with the boys in the morning where we had a pool table in the garage. Actually, it was coverted to a proper pool room with bar. It was great fun. It also helped the boys relax therefore get into the right mood for the day. There was quite a bit of competition between the lads on the pool table. It was all good humour after that as they got into the car. The car was very fancy and the boys loved that too.

It is not just only the posed shots that count, although these are very important. The images with certain family members and friends, above all will probably be the most valuable as memories are made from these. If there is anything that I can do to help you with your wedding photography needs then please feel free to contact me. You can also follow my work on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Many thanks for looking, Gerard Gormley.