Foyleside Shopping Centre

Foyleside Shopping Centre is where i met Yasmin from SnazzyYazzi Style Blog recently. Yasmin does an article once a month for Local Women Magazine so i come along and get the photos. It is always fun. We do usually end up in Foyleside Shopping Centre due to the volume of people there – it is usually busy. For some reason we usually go on a Sunday but now wait until after 2pm to start but usually go for coffee first.

A little about me. I’ve spent years helping people to find the perfect sole. In my shoe shop in the heart of Derry and now through my passion for photography
I get to photograph people with their soulmates! My daughter Bronagh and parents have always been and always will be a big part of my life. We have shared so many moments and enjoy looking at older photos and laughing together. Moments and the moments between moments during a wedding or a portrait session hold so much emotion. I love to capture images in a fun, natural and classic way. I’ve been passionate about photography for years, from the darkroom to my digital camera today, and storytelling is at the heart of what I do. I’m Gerard and I look forward to telling your story.

At Gerard Gormley photography, I strive to get the best images possible. Please feel free to share and like this post. You can also follow my work on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

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