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Dobbins Family Communion

Dobbins Family Communion

The Dobbins Family Communion took place this week where  Finn was the star of the show. His father Simon was trying to be the star but just couldn’t do it this time. We met at St. Columb’s Park House early evening and the weather was just lovely – a little cool but nice. This was basically a family photo shoot. It turned out to be great fun. I know Simon and the family so the craic was good. We just went for a walk around the park. We ended up at the swings with all the kids. Some kids had to move so we could get some photos but they were ok about it. The usual parents kissing above the child photo was great fun with poor Finn cringing and his mum and dad loving it of course.

I’ve spent years helping people to find the perfect sole. In my shoe shop in the heart of Derry and now through my passion for photography
I get to photograph people with their soulmates! My daughter Bronagh and parents have always been and always will be a big part of my life. We have shared so many moments and enjoy looking at older photos and laughing together. Moments and the moments between moments during a wedding or a portrait session hold so much emotion. I love to capture images in a fun, natural and classic way. I’ve been passionate about photography for years, from the darkroom to my digital camera today, and storytelling is at the heart of what I do. I’m Gerard and I look forward to telling your story.

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